Most awesome kid in the world

17 responses to “Most awesome kid in the world”

  1. YouactivatedmyAlucard says:

    Maybe he is just busting to go to the toilet but doesn’t want to leave his dance partner alone?

  2. BrenoAvelheda says:

    Cannot think about a better reason

  3. MonsieurBiggles says:

    In that case what a gent

  4. WittyWittWickey says:

    The clap at the end will be done at the next party I go to.

  5. Attractivefemale says:

    Guess who’s getting laid tonight.

  6. phatasscat says:


  7. N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0N0Y3SN0N0N0 says:

    That kid just ate an entire wedding cake.

  8. ablindman says:

    Absolutely fabulous!

  9. Moezilla89 says:

    this looks like circassion dancing

  10. hermtheworm says:

    THIS IS ARMENIAN!!!! HOLY FUCK! I AM ARMENIANNNNNNN (can tell from the style of dance)

  11. neurosuspension says:

    That red dress would make me a dancing bad ass too

  12. rhymeswithtongue says:

    QUICK! Somebody post a gif of that kid from Gangnam Style!

  13. thawmybeef says:

    What I think I look like while dancing

  14. AStrayCat says:

    While dancing what? Finish your sentence!

  15. randynester says:

    Creepy little f*cker.

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