High School vs. College

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12 responses to “High School vs. College”

  1. Benbo231 says:

    Whatever college you go to, are they accepting transfers?

  2. jdjoyo says:

    I think somebody is a philosophy major (*pssst* – you’re getting the wrong information mac. Your professor is a beatnik hippy).

  3. tcheph says:

    some colleges use the first year to weed out slackers, some colleges are difficult for several years, and some schools offer journalism.

  4. zoero says:

    Truth is your college experience depends entirely of the professors you have. I had good and bad ones. They come of all sorts and sizes.

  5. Littlemssunshine says:

    College professors actually let you out early if they’re done with the material.

  6. vegansuccubus says:

    -18 before windchill? Bitch I had to walk to elementary school when it was -45 before windchill.

  7. PennyWiseInDisguise says:

    I never understood that. Why teach MLA in high school when most college courses use APA? Frustrated me!

  8. punkin02 says:

    -18? Last year I have to walk half an hour in -40 and an ice storm. You’re so lazy. Also my teachers give no fucks if I’m in class or not.

  9. deathbykittenspuppiesandcocaine says:

    TL;DR, college hella bomb compared to the shit we put up with in high school.

  10. WithGreatReferencesComeGreatPuns says:

    Well, your college rocks. My professors are, lets just say, not as kindhearted. Its do or die, fucker

  11. dragonridingskypirate says:

    Long story short: high school is four years devoted exclusively to preparing you for shit that doesn’t actually happen.

  12. AcidicPlague says:

    In my experience, MLA is more of an English/Lit thing and APA is history/science.

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