Interesting Facts Compilation

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20 responses to “Interesting Facts Compilation”

  1. TheGodofWar says:

    Pope Francis has definitely done coke.

  2. RobotSquad says:

    last dude is fuckin awesome

  3. URHELL says:

    kate Perry’s parents were acid-heads, cool, explains alot

  4. mijk says: <- sounds like the guy from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

  5. BobLoblawslawblogs says:

    Awww sad about Brandenn

  6. Nobodyslogan says:

    TIL: Fable is set in ye old England.

  7. merprincesspacifica says:

    I haven’t washed my hair with a commercial shampoo in nearly a year. +1 for an interesting fact I feel smart for knowing.

  8. tympaniplayer says:

    I asked Timothy Leary, he coudn’t help me either.

  9. FoMstuff1987 says:

    Thought that was obvious.

  10. irishnovember says:

    I feel like I’m going to dislike you for your answer but I’m going to ask anyway. What do you use to wash your hair if not shampoo?

  11. enderfive says:

    Is it just me or does the last guy look a bit like Teddy Roosevelt?

  12. CharmingAndSexyGentlemanStarshipCaptain says:

    Roy Sullivan: “FUCK YOU BEAR!” Bear: “I’m so sorry sir, will not happen again.”

  13. CharmingAndSexyGentlemanStarshipCaptain says:

    My dad taught me that it’s better to shampoo when we actually need one. Good advice I say.

  14. DudeMcDude says:

    I’m pretty sure the majority of published fantasy titles in any format all take place in a fictionalized version of ye old England.

  15. hobnobmacabre says:

    $1 coins are the goddamn worst.

  16. drpepper9990 says:

    TIL Roy plays life on Uber mode, no restarts allowed

  17. ourari says:

    “When we met, we were like two pieces of copper touching in space.”

  18. IrishWhiskey says:

    Welding Engineer here. The Space one is not completely true. The oxidation layer must be removed and there has to be a force, in most (1)

  19. Fooman45 says:

    in the bathroom, off a stripers tits

  20. TheBossmanCometh says:

    “Houston, we need some help up here…John and Bill were having a little Schwartz War, and, well…it ain’t pretty”

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