14 responses to “BC”

  1. Ilovethesmellofnapalminthemorningbutfirstcoffee says:

    It is.Amazing.

  2. beggingyourmajestyspardon says:

    I think he filled the bucket

  3. Somnophobe says:

    Judging from the set, it looks like the Graham Norton Show.

  4. Glaciate says:

    Benediction Bumblebumble

  5. cutteroo says:

    haha! yeah that was awesome!

  6. robemmy says:

    Way overrated

  7. cretzloff says:

    how was the movie mediocre?

  8. AdamAndEvel says:

    I realize you can only capture so much depth in 2hrs but it felt like it had a touch of Disney “I was racist yesterday but today I’m not”

  9. IWishIHadACleverUsernameToo says:

    I have no idea what’s going on here. Seriously, who is Han talkting to?

  10. Conradian says:

    P.p.s. Benedict has personally accepted and approved the name.

  11. rudebikedecal says:

    I’m not convinced that Harrison Ford isn’t being sarcastic.

  12. FreeBreastExams4CollegeStudents says:

    How the fuck did you get top comment. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard!

  13. mccallahater says:

    He’s a virgin, you know…Harrison Ford is a virgin.

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