The new leader of the Anti-Whore Campaign

14 responses to “The new leader of the Anti-Whore Campaign”

  1. Whopperhead says:

    I was raised by apes, and I turned out ok

  2. abrakadamnit says:

    Can’t we just take some responsibility for our own actions and not blame it on the media? We’ve got a brain; use it.

  3. themotherfuckingflash says:

    @hellodomo well she’s not exactly going to call herself a whore now is she? (or a he)

  4. HPWombat says:

    Yeah. Because that’s what we want: people blaming movies for our own behavior?

  5. Kommos says:

    Dont try to control women bodies by calling them whores. Mind your own body.

  6. ShittyMcShit says:

    Not really, man… Listen, it’s time for someone to tell you….. You have a whopperhead. :(

  7. ShittyMcShit says:

    Rebelling against an oppressive system is one thing. But some of these wining teenagers seriously need to start using reason.

  8. AttorneyAtLager says:

    But then they might think they deserve the same rights as men!

  9. rowanrockhopper says:

    pt4) taken on by the media. However in this case, the OP is making excuses for behavior justified elsewhere in her mind that she proba..

  10. rowanrockhopper says:

    pt5) ..bly isn’t even aware of. Its still Disney though. Bloody Hanna Montana and her bippin’ and her boppin’ (rant ended)

  11. TopScientistOrMadCow says:

    Does “Snow White lived alone with 7 men” bother anyone else?

  12. faedother says:

    I laughed so hard that I scared the woman in the next cubical.

  13. IncredibleLang says:

    Tarzan also killed nearly everyone he met..

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