Going to eat again just on general principle

19 responses to “Going to eat again just on general principle”

  1. hendeaux says:

    Ron Swanson would be proud!

  2. PlutosBeard says:

    what about elevensies?

  3. Proudfoots says:

    I can verify this statement.

  4. baldheadedstranger says:

    Always second breakfast!

  5. mishaatreides says:

    How dare they! What do they think you are? A hobbit? A homeless person? Nick Frost: http://imgur.com/WTTxT1y ?

  6. WardSharlow says:

    Every fucking time.

  7. ScotchyScotchScotchDownIntoMyBellyMmMmMm says:

    That’s how I feel as a server with shift meals and mess ups

  8. IWriteMusic says:

    This is why I stopped using drugs.

  9. texaschicka85 says:

    Two breakfasts! I don’t see the problem here.

  10. grufflesia says:

    “eat again on general principle” I like the way you think

  11. loldoge says:

    i hate that when that happens

  12. notirrelevant says:

    I see no problem; refrigerate what you bought and have it tomorrow. Unless you already ate it; then load up and skip lunch!

  13. gingerkangkang says:

    Don’t forget breakfast dessert!

  14. armyhadahalfday says:

    “General Principle” http://imgur.com/ju9QMnN

  15. DeadlyRicochet says:

    This happened to me today during lunch ! :@

  16. BlueShwagger says:

    This always happens to me for my lunch. I get annoyed cause I warmed my “shitty” leftovers. Don’t judge me.

  17. blade5124212 says:

    Id do believe you are full of shit

  18. ifyouknewmeyouwouldbeme says:

    We only have free breakfast on Fridays.

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