I present to to you: a gigantic opalized ammonite fossil


12 responses to “I present to to you: a gigantic opalized ammonite fossil”

  1. momanator says:

    Where does your dick go in?

  2. FuckingCatalinaWineMixer says:

    Rainbow Shell* (Chrono Trigger Ref)

  3. gameofbatman says:

    What pokemon will the machine turn it into???

  4. waterbottles says:

    To Cinnabar island!

  5. FlefasaurusRex says:

    D…drop it

  6. admiralgeneralmanbearpig says:

    We accept you glorious reddit repost.

  7. KidNickels says:

    Does this one give you Omanyte?

  8. herewegoat says:

    The post is older than the fossil.

  9. TheLurkingGoose says:

    The stone for Kim Kardashian’s next wedding ring?

  10. Jofflecopter says:

    I’d like to opalise your shirt

  11. Tallise says:

    I swear this looks just like the one at HMNS…

  12. SubzeroAK says:

    What do you call it to people with a limited vocabulary??

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