So i proposed last week!

So i proposed last week!

This is my girlfriend, we have been together for 7 years

So i proposed last week!

she is also a little crazy…

So i proposed last week!

Food is also very important to us

So i proposed last week!

The ring was custom made at janai jewellery, based off her long held belief that such things shouldn't be bought out of a display. Working on the fact she likes art deco era jewelery, but nothing overly glittery or "busy", and that she doesn't like diamonds much, and is a big fan of onyx. so using western australian black sapphire (1.3ct), with baguette cut diamonds on the side (0.7ct)

So i proposed last week!

So, the morning of our anniversary, which we had both taken off work, i told her i had been called in.
As an apology i gave her a trip to a day spa, where i had pre bought her a facial, manicure and massage.
The idea being it would give me a few hours to prepare, and if the is gonna have a pretty bit of metal on her hand, she will want to show people, so i should make her fingers pretty too :)

I left the house immediately, and attached this note to her car steering wheel.

So i proposed last week!

while she was at the spa, i was getting her lunch ready

So i proposed last week!

on the table were some smoked salmon en crut with caviar, strawberries, and marinated olives. (all food i figure she could nibble at while getting ready).
a half bottle of gosset reserve champagne

So i proposed last week!

All letters she received through out the day were wax sealed with the first letter of my name (details are important).

So i proposed last week!

telling her a car would be picking her up, so she needed to get ready.

but to make getting ready easier, in her by that stage nervous as hell frazzled excitement; was the contents of the box

So i proposed last week!

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19 responses to “So i proposed last week!”

  1. marcotte33 says:

    TL;DR Congrats OP

  2. kingofturtles says:

    Congratulations on all that happiness. Care to share some with me?

  3. whiskeytown79 says:

    In the first picture she looks like Princess Leia.

  4. IBigIBruce says:

    If your wife single?

  5. IBigIBruce says:

    *Is – rather

  6. GiftedMonster says:

    Fucking sweet, OP! Married women are really freaky, you lucky dog!

  7. Forensickle says:


  8. Forensickle says:

    maybe soon?

  9. Forensickle says:

    i think i am ok with that

  10. Forensickle says:

    what would you like? i am a bit broke now…. 9 months of saving!

  11. GodWarmonger says:

    Well done OP. That is how a man should treat his soon to be wife! (granted he has enough money lol) Have a great future together!

  12. rundown20 says:

    I laid on the couch with my dog and watched netlix. I want your story instead.

  13. kingofturtles says:

    I don’t suppose you can just put some of that happiness in a box and send it my way, could you? Maybe as an attachment to an email

  14. littlemissfall says:

    Quick! I must send this to my boyfriend so he know how to propose the correct way!

  15. Forensickle says:

    we both work in the industry (tourism hospitality) everything that cost money, other than the ring, involved calling in favours.

  16. Forensickle says:

    and still took 9months to save for it

  17. GodWarmonger says:

    Well good job planning ahead!

  18. theHarlequin says:

    Dude. This is some professional stuff. Good on you.

  19. apartofmethatismissing says:

    Congratulations…. Have a happy marriage..

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