Girl logic works out for the best sometimes.


16 responses to “Girl logic works out for the best sometimes.”

  1. yertle says:

    Was this before or after 5 dicks were sucked at gay camp?

  2. escalator says:

    Wow you have a cool girlfriend, want a cookie?

  3. mymomthinksimspecial says:

    That’s cute. I hate it.

  4. JohnnyDevo says:

    This is the same thing as saying that you WILL have to return the favor should you do the same thing in your dream.

  5. WhatIfAllTheAirWasCats says:

    You weren’t even in my dream last night. You have got a lot of making up to do.

  6. TwerkersAnonymous says:

    to anyone dissing oatmeal raisin cookies, YOU ARE WRONG

  7. trucka says:

    you clearly don’t love him enough if you made OATMEAL cookies…

  8. TheBratPrince says:

    Until the opposite happens…

  9. MyCatWatchesMeMasturbate says:

    guys…these are oatmeal CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies, not oatmeal raisin. I think she did more than dream breakup with him…

  10. SafeNafe says:

    That is the most female hand writing I have ever seen

  11. Alex514 says:

    2 words that should be used at least 2 sentences apart: Girl + Logic

  12. techkyle says:

    As a man, I’m sorry we broke up in our dream. I saved the last cookie for you.

  13. MrPredator says:

    -.- I will never understand women, and I will never find one to even try and understand them.

  14. CoyoteSabre says:

    Is your husband a woman?

  15. TheHappyCanadian says:

    My wife will legitimately be mad at me for a week if she had a dream in which I cheated on her.

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