we popped some corn on the cob. This is the cob

14 responses to “we popped some corn on the cob. This is the cob”

  1. HonorIsAHorse says:

    Hey! a Super Nintendo. Good on you , mate.

  2. rahx says:

    they are just dry, you know

  3. gourami says:

    Somehow, this reminds me of the movie Machine Girl – http://someloosechange.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/tempura1.jpg

  4. lazyforlife says:

    Q: What do Corn cobs call their father? A: “Pop” corn.

  5. smrick says:

    get one universal remote dammit

  6. MacieI says:

    i would make a joke about this, but it might be too corny

  7. IVANMAGNVS says:

    I have that same remote control! How exciting!

  8. SexDrugsDubstepVEVO says:

    I’ve read it first as: Popped some corn on the Cop. Was not disappointed.

  9. MargaeryTyrellsCleav says:

    WHAT AM I!!!???

  10. suchrequestforname says:

    this guy has a lot of balls.

  11. Harahune says:

    Oh jesus I thought this was that pimple thing again for a second.

  12. notirrelevant says:

    “Kill me. Kill…meee….”

  13. UndulatingTerrain says:

    The corn king.

  14. ItsFootballNOTsoccer says:

    Everthing is a dildo if you are brave enough…

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