I love the fact that someone actually spent time to do this.

14 responses to “I love the fact that someone actually spent time to do this.”

  1. brontothunder says:

    You only need to poop for three seconds though.

  2. RIghtintheCheddar says:

    I would hope pooping is a one way track. Imagine pooping out of your mouth?

  3. MattDamonIsStillAlive says:

    Hahahaha POOP!

  4. BeardsleyMcTurbanhead says:

    There’s only one way to poop. Yeah, I’ve got nothing…I’ll show myself the door.

  5. Imachink says:

    California Run

  6. CiriusTrio says:

    Usually my poop only goes one way. This picture is very true.

  7. NeilPoonHandler says:

    Something something one direction poop.

  8. flipperchup says:

    is that a a four way poop?

  9. Logicola says:

    Try explaining that to the insurance company: “I wrecked because I saw poop.”

  10. letsfoolgravity says:

    One way pooping? Thank God!

  11. ChocolateBlunder says:

    I failed my driving test the other day because I made too many rolling poops.

  12. IfHavingALongUsernameIsCoolConsiderMeMilesDavis says:

    First world anarchy.

  13. thisisnottheguystaringatyou says:

    poop is only one way right?

  14. Nite4awk says:

    This is better than the OP’s photo.

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