The latest perpetual energy discovery


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  1. jedigman says:


  2. ProfessorExpert says:

    We have the technology… and enough cats

  3. DieterVonCunth says:

    That is a long, high-quality gif…well done!

  4. ilovemevideogames says:

    I just noticed his fingernails are painted.

  5. c0nman says:

    now this begs the question: if, hypothetically, we could use animals for efficient energy, would it be ethical to do so?

  6. SoLongSaulGood says:

    this is easily the greatest thing on imgur today, and ive seen soo many titties

  7. LooksLegit says:

    That green nail polish tho.

  8. rollout25 says:

    Why wouldn’t he just tape too pieces of bread together?

  9. limonchiki says:

    I love his green polished nails.

  10. Iazipakiaz says:

    I love his nail polish

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