Random is a highly overused word

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Random is a highly overused word

Sounded like kids playing, and I live in a relatively quiet little neighbourhood. But it's 2 am so I opened the front door to inspect

Random is a highly overused word

Humans, around my age, running around setting up what looked like a camp site. They had chairs, a cooler full of booze and food, a propane stove and one of them had set up my sprinkler to my hose…

Random is a highly overused word

I'm confused, and wander out to ask what is the story behind this.

Random is a highly overused word

They are just returning from a camping trip, and their car had broken down just by my house. It was a nice night and they were all so hungover, they didn't want to deal with cabs, or figuring out where they were at all.

Random is a highly overused word

…On my lawn. They were having a lawn party, and didn't even invite me!

Random is a highly overused word

I went inside and thought out calling the cops, or calling some friends to come stay with me, lest they try to break in, but they seemed genuine, were definitely confused tourists, and just plain old down on your luck people.

Random is a highly overused word

When one of them saw the door open and heard me, he asked me in a defeated voice if I would prefer they just leave, that they hadn't meant to intrude and were just as confused as I was. He asked if Id maybe like a beer or a hot dog.

Random is a highly overused word

And now I have 6 new friends, from all over the world. One of the strangest and best experiences of my life.

Go hug a stranger!

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6 responses to “Random is a highly overused word”

  1. losingmyperspicacity says:

    Except she wanted me to use her account, she’s a point-monger .

  2. WhoCaresAboutThePoints says:

    It’s crazy raising a little person. She never ceases to make me smile.

  3. Idra says:

    As long as it doesn´t end with this: http://i.imgur.com/wGQgFRT.gif

  4. losingmyperspicacity says:

    I have no pictures of this awesome night, and that saddens me to my core. However I am Facebook friends with them all now! So, theres that!

  5. losingmyperspicacity says:

    They even had carrots. Baby carrots! My god, what a time to be alive.

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