Heard mewing all night so I put out tuna. Found this today.

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18 responses to “Heard mewing all night so I put out tuna. Found this today.”


    I like chicken I like liver meow mix meow mix please deliver

  2. aintnopartylikealizlemonpartycuzalizlemonpartyisMANDATORY says:

    you adopt those cats right meow

  3. ShamrockFury says:

    “That was almost too easy….”- Cats that just played your lonely ass.

  4. becauseicouldntthinkofanythingoriginal says:


  5. DoctorJungyBrongen says:

    No food for the ginger.

  6. Channel4NewsTeam says:

    I wish I could find kittens like everybody else on the internet

  7. sangheraj says:

    “You think this is a game!?”

  8. Hremsfeld says:

    Is the tuna dead? :(

  9. ProbablyNotMegatron says:

    That kitten expects you to fix this

  10. kitchens says:

    put out more tuna.

  11. Dunes8 says:

    Mewsical Telegram

  12. AnotherOneBitesTheCrust says:

    You just so happen to have tuna?

  13. therevolutionwillbeimgured says:

    I’ve heard just a box will work.

  14. aintnopartylikealizlemonpartycuzalizlemonpartyisMANDATORY says:

    reddit OP apparently found two more kittens and plans to catch and relocate them due to no pet policy where they live

  15. ishigoto says:

    Closest to “Disney Princess” I’ll get was adopting a stray kitty I found under the porch.

  16. itoslemma11 says:

    wild mew appeared!

  17. HeWhoPours says:

    Hope that big jerk let’s the little fella have some

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