Historical footage of the last T-Rex serving his country in WW I.


13 responses to “Historical footage of the last T-Rex serving his country in WW I.”

  1. DKHADOUKEN says:

    Ride it to victory!

  2. freeballs says:

    Judging by the pixels, I have determined this is shopped. Trust me, I’m an expert.

  3. diggerwoods says:

    This is such bullshit. They didn’t have jeeps in WW 1.

  4. flyingphilp says:

    But they still were not allowed to vote in the country they fought for!

  5. toretang89 says:

    Man… This is WW2! Get your facts straight…

  6. trowavo says:

    i think you’ve made a mistake. this is clearly when the allies storm hitler’s last stronghold in berlin.

  7. LicenseToSpooge says:


  8. flynnman504 says:

    Or tha giant machine gun the T-Rex has. Besides no way he could reload with those little arms

  9. thebravelittlenublet says:

    It’s clearly belt-fed from the pouch on his back.

  10. azazyel says:

    They work cheap to, they just eat what they kill.

  11. WarpPig says:

    His crew is probably trying to keep up.

  12. NameOfThrones says:

    historians hate him

  13. mrWaRTaco says:

    Dino D-day!

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