My kind of glory hole

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11 responses to “My kind of glory hole”

  1. joinedimgurtoupvoteacat says:

    The furry hole

  2. boinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboinkboink says:

    Don’t you dare put your dick in that dog

  3. DoryDaFish says:

    You know you want to. Go ahead im not stopping you.

  4. nym23 says:

    wow. such glory. much hole.

  5. DaDeLoS says:

    Much Glory. Many hole. Such petting.

  6. fanceh says:

    much hole, such glories

  7. hypocriticalnarwhal says:

    Glory doge…..dogy hole….. I give up :(

  8. goodjobmyfellowman says:

    I’ve seen other furry holes…

  9. pokarose says:

    Don’t put it in your mouth.

  10. NateInc says:

    Dog petting stations would be a fantastic thing, make it work Obama

  11. JGraham2 says:

    doge hole

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