Avengers/Whose Line Crossover?

13 responses to “Avengers/Whose Line Crossover?”

  1. IllyriaBlueHairedGod says:

    This…This is magnificent.

  2. Sammyjae says:

    Oh god I love them both so much….

  3. moisttaint says:

    Those boys need to get a room.

  4. tarataqa says:


  5. BattlinButler says:

    Oh, Banter…

  6. imyourzer0 says:

    What was wrong with bubbles back in the stone age?

  7. MasInMancy says:

    My love for both of these men has grown tenfold.

  8. kitosho says:


  9. cowabunga410 says:

    This is as classy as twitter will ever get. Embrace it.

  10. PolarHailStorm says:

    He did lead an invading force through a portal to try and take over the Earth. Just saying.

  11. mcmals says:

    I read this entire thing in his voice

  12. katt4441 says:

    You know you’re a Harry Potter fan with you thought Colin Mochrie was chatting with Tom Riddle.

  13. kootiepatra says:

    Well, I now know who I need to follow on Twitter.

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