A local wildlife rescue posted this picture

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11 responses to “A local wildlife rescue posted this picture”

  1. imweirdinJapan says:

    That monkey is gonna poop foam

  2. Argyle4prem says:

    My bubbles!

  3. joebwab says:

    He’s singing “I’m forever burping bubbles”.

  4. samzala says:

    They posted this? You posted this!

  5. goobergrape says:

    Where will you be when the acid kicks in?

  6. DrPhro says:

    When I was a kid I ate bubbles. Being the leader that I was other kids did it too, until one drank the soap. No one ate bubbles after that.

  7. breadedfishstrip says:

    Source: Looney Tunes

  8. NCGunFreak says:

    or fizzy lifting drinks.

  9. ChiefDancingMonkey says:

    I finally hit relevance and it’s because I’m doing something that makes me look stupid. Typical.

  10. rhialitybites says:

    That look of blissful joy is going to change mighty quick

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