A Philips ad in the paper made me laugh today

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15 responses to “A Philips ad in the paper made me laugh today”

  1. motherofmoose says:

    What a biting sense of humor.

  2. snoozer says:

    Lemme take-a bita outa you!

  3. PowerSlide2351 says:

    Luis Suárez approves!

  4. azazyel says:

    I thought it was a sex joke until I remembered the game.

  5. TheGreatVindaloovianEmpire says:

    Best headline I saw goes to “Chewy Luis and The Blues”.

  6. Jdanger0us says:

    10/10 would bite an Italian to test out the product

  7. iamthisguy247 says:

    R you can really sink your teeth into it.

  8. theboosan says:

    Deliberately exploiting this post on the front page to show a someway relevant pic I made that day: http://i.imgur.com/sCEI1aB.png

  9. KRGR says:

    The game…

  10. mandarajp says:

    Suarez approves

  11. ThyBountyHunter says:

    Even knowing about the bit I still read into this for guys that partake in a ladies 100% natural garden.

  12. theycamepresmoked says:

    You. I chews you.

  13. choujeen says:

    I too thought it’s about pubic hair. Eww.

  14. TheChosenAsiangirl says:

    I Suarez is it

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