Public Shaming

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19 responses to “Public Shaming”

  1. Edwardthegiraffe says:

    she looks like she wants a cat

  2. bawler54 says:

    Marshmallow art… now that’s art I’d be interested in!

  3. Gurrr18 says:

    Well, now who’s fault is it for making such a delicious art project?

  4. DonutsDontWearAlligatorShoes says:

    I don’t think I could resist.

  5. jojomarie says:

    Hahaha, look at those evil eyes!

  6. Splaat says:

    The dog really did eat it.

  7. paddymcnasty says:

    Dog: “I had a good idea what I was doing.”

  8. Zachasm says:

    That’s a pretty well trained human but if you could just teach it to HOLD the sign next time OP, the shaming would be more effective.

  9. MikeTTA89 says:

    I needed it for my lab work!

  10. HowDoYouEvenPotatoes says:

    Not even sorry.

  11. zahare says:

    She is not ready to forgive the poor dog. Or her parents.

  12. Theincorrectone says:

    So this is where the first excuse in the book came from :/

  13. CommandOrConquer says:

    … I’m a grown ass man… If my anybody made a delicious art project I WOULD EAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT!

  14. Burtongirl says:

    One time I did a macaroni art homework project and my teachers dog ate it. Irony.

  15. kcloud says:

    To be fair, I probably would have eaten it too.

  16. Chubskin says:

    All we need is peace.

  17. TheLoneStranger says:

    I thought chocolate labs only ate chocolate ?!?

  18. RichCorinthian says:

    Or, you know, READ the sign.

  19. spacemosphere says:

    and I want s’more!

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