How to catch Santa

7 responses to “How to catch Santa”

  1. OhMyGodKarenYouCantJustAskPeopleWhyTheyreWhite says:

    I like how Santa’s waving through the window like “nice try bitches!”

  2. jaressonford says:

    Oh no! It’s a Christmas catastrophe!

  3. CanadaFuckYeahSorryAboutTheLanguage says:

    7. Kids wake up to find Santa gave them a cat for Christmas

  4. TBBs says:

    TIL i was a cat as a child

  5. nol3ody says:

    8. Be upset because you wanted a dog

  6. nol3ody says:

    4. Profit!

  7. beebeelites says:

    Master Baiter

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