Uhh… Bonjour?


19 responses to “Uhh… Bonjour?”

  1. MyNameIsJeanValjean says:

    Yes, I totally know who that is.

  2. imsobadatusernamesitsnotevenajoke says:

    I saw it on the internet

  3. ChuckNorrisAteMySock says:

    I bet you didn’t see the ad… I bet you just read it on the Internet.

  4. TheLeastofThese says:

    He looks like a model

  5. saiaku says:

    i dont get it

  6. nspess says:

    Oh my God is that that French model?!?

  7. SassySemen says:

    Is that even the guy or just creepier look a like?

  8. qasabah says:

    French hipster Dave Grohl?

  9. althanan says:

    It was on the internet, must be true.

  10. SassySemen says:

    You can’t lie on the internet. Oh there’s my date, he’s a french model

  11. TurdsOfWisdom says:

    Ah yes, the douche point

  12. Solobolt says:

    Well obviously that’s… Ummm well… That guy… From the thing

  13. vinceandlazr says:

    He’s a model.

  14. saiaku says:

    wait, is that adam sandler?

  15. dingusalex says:

    I’ll bet the guy gets type cast as “creepy dude” all the time

  16. TurdsOfWisdom says:

    He was a guy posing as a french model on the internet in an American commercial campaign. Hope I killed any chance of this being funny!

  17. ddspill says:

    Everything is true on the internet, right?

  18. DVSBSTrD says:

    You know this is real because nobody would post lies on the internet.

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