My brother in a snow storm trying to get a cool picture for some karma.


20 responses to “My brother in a snow storm trying to get a cool picture for some karma.”

  1. waterbottles says:

    Is that Batman’s shadow?

  2. mantha0n3 says:

    Karma whoring inception…

  3. AbusiveWankerVEVO says:

    Whatta chump.

  4. TwerkersAnonymous says:

    You jack’d his karma yo

  5. jonnsnow says:

    he’s such a dick

  6. pansexualcosmonaut says:

    Tell him to draw a giant dick in the snow. That’s how you get upvotes.

  7. dih92 says:

    Winter is coming

  8. Glumerlink says:

    Ahh the endless search for approval by people you’ve never even met. Humans are strange, wouldn’t you agree?

  9. GrosslyIncandescent says:

    Thats cold, stealing his thunder like that.

  10. CreamSodaPriority says:

    Oh he will be granted real karma for desperately standing outside for nothing.

  11. OohKillEm says:

    That’s snow laughing matter, that picture must be so cool

  12. DirtyDan113 says:


  13. villainorhero says:

    Kharma is for nerds.

  14. MrTnorris says:

    I see the snow, but where’s the storm?

  15. sugarshane says:


  16. sugarshane says:


  17. JohnnieTheShrubber says:

    Do you have another brother taking a picture of you taking a picture of him that will soon grace the front page?

  18. noctevena says:

    Ohmygod I need to sleep… work in four hours… I give up T_T

  19. ActuallyMyNamesMarina says:

    We need to go deeper.

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