Award Winning Cookies (With Recipes) Part 2

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9 responses to “Award Winning Cookies (With Recipes) Part 2”

  1. whatthefuckiamdoinghere says:

    coockie porn

  2. AlmightyBracket says:

    all I can see in the first picture is Doge.

  3. ItsAlwaysRainingInTheCity says:

    Every year I make my family different kinds of cookies for christmas. I love posts like this! Gives me me options on what to make!

  4. JimmyKillsAlot says:

    Favored to forget about in an hour

  5. Lupine1982 says:

    I’m reporting this image for intent to murder over the next 30 years.

  6. DeepThought42 says:

    I am currently in the process of making cookies from the first list… slow it down!

  7. ThreeTomatoesAreWalkingDownTheStreet says:

    It’s not even the holidays just yet.. might as well start the weight gains early right?

  8. LazyRenaissanceMan says:

    bookmarked for diabetes.

  9. yakooza03 says:

    The ‘black and white’ cookies are neenish tarts

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