Amish vibrator

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8 responses to “Amish vibrator”

  1. JediRedBeard says:

    Such a corny joke

  2. giantspeck says:

    In before “this needs to be in the comic.”

  3. MyNameIsJonNotJohn says:

    Amish rabbit*

  4. GrizzlyBearMachineGuns says:

    Kerneled for her pleasure.

  5. Laimbrane says:

    They like ’em husky.

  6. EdgarandAnnabelle says:

    Anythings a dildo if youre Hezekiah enough

  7. CanadaFuckYeahSorryAboutTheLanguage says:

    Or you could stick it right in your corn hole. @Kylecorn

  8. GretelD says:

    I like that it’s “ribbed”

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