Trying to give someone a hint

8 responses to “Trying to give someone a hint”

  1. treebarkv says:

    @ imguianjon- Except girls never give guys like us this hint*

  2. deathstar says:

    Is it reverse-day again? So many pictures about girls giving hints, what is this sorcery?

  3. yzaragoza says:

    You, Me, Hummhhhu

  4. AshleyAnarchy says:

    I try giving this one guy hints ._. are guys just that stupid?

  5. quilltastic says:

    100% false. Girls give hints like this all the time and get ignored…

  6. Postprodmemes says:

    Whe we give you hints like that we’re instantly categorized as un-lady like

  7. captainlolo says:

    this is not true :)

  8. TacoPunch says:

    that excuse doesn’t hold up in court

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