Christmas gifts stolen off the back of a truck


Christmas gifts stolen off the back of a truck

Well I was doing some last minute shopping last night at ARFCOMS most favorite place to shop… I just so happened to leave this package on the back of my truck…

Christmas gifts stolen off the back of a truck

Well some thieving piece of monkey shit stole it.. I'm quite sure that they thought they were getting a great present as the box and its content were quite heavy..

Christmas gifts stolen off the back of a truck

Special thanks goes out to this cat for making it all possible

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17 responses to “Christmas gifts stolen off the back of a truck”

  1. Tentaclepeople says:

    Deliciously spiteful

  2. IUseImgurToHelpAssociateVocabularyWordsWithPictures says:

    You’re like Batman/Santa Claus!!!!

  3. Lynux says:

    That’s a weird way to dispose of dirty cat litter.

  4. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:

    ah yes, passive aggressive prejudice against strangers, thats really what the holiday season is all about isnt it?

  5. jbiddenback0617 says:

    Lies. Also, I wonder if that’s the Walmart in Minot.

  6. yourpostisbadandyoushouldfeelbad says:

    1. Open box. 2. Empty said box on OP’s car.

  7. websherpa says:

    Sorry but baiting thieves to give them cat poo just isn’t the karma win you think it is. Also VIDEO!

  8. BeefWellington says:

    Thanks, fuck OP.

  9. Fadedsun says:

    I didn’t see the video anywhere in the thread.

  10. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:


  11. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:


  12. cygp2p says:

    We dont know anything about the person, if this even really happened. Sure seems like you’re making a leap to judge. Aka, prejudice.

  13. panchokitty says:

    You sent me to the home of the black rifle how could you?

  14. Winterous says:

    It’s better to say that it isn’t OC in the image caption, rather than a comment; comments get buried easily.

  15. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:


  16. drdruxen says:

    If you dont have a video, did you at least blade at 45° OP?

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