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  1. RonakPatel says:

    flawless victory

  2. annoyingfan says:

    What the fuck is a Harry Potter?

  3. WayLatetotheParty says:

    I just started parks and rec. Thanks for the spoilers, geez

  4. gagedlimits says:

    You’re a steam roller leslie!!!!

  5. saltthesnail says:

    I have literally had almost this exact conversation with my boyfriend. +1!!

  6. angrysocks says:

    I will always up vote Leslie Knope. ALWAYS.

  7. chocoholic687 says:

    You can’t say you like Harry Potter if you’ve just seen the movies.The books create a whole new world making the movies seem incredibly flat

  8. StainsMcDuck says:

    The real world.

  9. mt77932 says:

    I have never seen any of the Harry Potter films or read any of the books so I couldn’t tell you if I like or dislike them.

  10. IMAMEX says:

    Flawless logic.

  11. biblio says:

    I just started watching last week. I’m on series 4…it’s brilliant

  12. Mathiadon says:

    it’s either that or 30 Rock..

  13. anvilon says:

    I read all 14 Wheel of Time books in 10 weeks. Not something I will ever do again – ever.

  14. gagedlimits says:


  15. IcemanWolf says:


  16. whyWontKeiraKnightleyReturnMyPhoneCalls says:

    Reasonable enough, I suppose. Perhaps I was more willing to overlook its flaws. :)

  17. MonkeyRobes says:

    Try to read the books. The only reason I enjoy the movies are b/c the books are brilliant. But don’t force it either :)

  18. MonkeyRobes says:

    You are not alone! I thought I was!

  19. sniffumevoli says:

    Well there’s your problem. Try reading the books next time.

  20. Billwattersonistheman says:

    Always +1 for Rashida Jones

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