Triceratops made from pumpkins

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9 responses to “Triceratops made from pumpkins”

  1. dougiefresha says:

    I was gonna do this but then I realized I have a life.

  2. Omegamyr says:

    Those pumpkins behind his legs look suspicous…

  3. MAxellHouse says:

    well someone had a lot of time on their hands

  4. tchock says:

    Are we going to ignore the fact it has a huge penis?

  5. TakeItToTheHouse says:

    I’m sitting here hoping this isn’t illuminated by real candles. FIRE HAZARD

  6. gratuitoustransfer says:

    Your center vertebrae is out

  7. KFizzle says:

    Thumbnail looked like a mans legs bringing up the rear, now can only think there’s two guys inside that thing.

  8. ImgurianD90 says:

    TriPumpkintops. Haha. Eh, gave it a try.

  9. fabreezemyknees says:

    I want a time lapse of this when the pumpkins start to rot.

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