Pope problems

9 responses to “Pope problems”

  1. whyIeyesya says:

    The pope is a virgin. He’s the 85 year old virgin.

  2. theveemachine says:

    Most of Imgur will chuckle nervously and move on, and I’m sitting here laughing my ass off.

  3. kcloud says:

    He gives all the kids a ride on his pope mobile.

  4. Freakayou says:

    I dunno, I fart pretty comfortably in an Elevator full of strangers…..but, then again I am a dick.

  5. thechalange says:

    His hat brings all the boys to the service.

  6. jeffehpop says:

    chuckle nervously and move on.

  7. Chucktanium says:

    Are we trying to start arguments on Imgur again? http://i.imgur.com/wsx46.gif

  8. MrRapp says:

    If there actually was a hell, I’m sure there are far worse offenders than people who laugh at cartoons. Upvoted.

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