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17 responses to “OBJECTION!”

  1. MicksterZ says:


  2. blade00014 says:

    Who’s the fuck who downvoted this?

  3. DancingDog says:

    I want this on my facebook!

  4. TKBarbus says:


  5. Goat43 says:


  6. yousscrafting says:

    Calm your tits, you can’t tell me to leave a page just because you dislike my comment.

  7. Llamawizard says:

    I merely offered you a place were you could roam free with your own kind! I didn’t forbid your presence here! Chill your tits.

  8. ionlyspeakthetruth says:


  9. yousscrafting says:

    So i’m “another kind” of human, and you want me to leave a page you don’t own. I recommend you to calm down. Respect other people, please.

  10. ItAllStartedWithABadlyTimedBaldJoke says:

    Yep. Very funny!

  11. mvandrei says:

    can someone give us a bigger picture, so we can meme him?

  12. rivetlust says:


  13. the9thcircle says:

    NO YOU!!!

  14. TheOneThumbHero says:

    College Humor. So much shit on here is stolen from that site and Dorlky.

  15. TheOneThumbHero says:


  16. homicidaldoctor says:

    I love Phoenix Wright. Good job OP

  17. Oesterreich says:

    Is this real?

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