basically how I live my life

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17 responses to “basically how I live my life”

  1. bobsheadthreateningly says:

    I was thinking something similar. Very “eye-for-an-eye” kind of attitude. Won’t end well for either party…

  2. chowmaster says:

    ok….keep calm and…fuck…i guess…

  3. CoyoteSabre says:

    I am not the smartest person. Thousands of people are smarter than I am.

  4. CoyoteSabre says:

    Oddly, there is a strong correlation between use of profanity and use of logical fallacies such as ad hominin attacks.

  5. CoyoteSabre says:

    You are correct. People tend to use ad hominin attacks when they have no factual basis for their arguments.

  6. CoyoteSabre says:

    While that’s true, it doesn’t make them right either. It does display a lack of self-control.

  7. Virge23 says:

    …maybe we shouldn’t curse in public?

  8. jiggy11 says:

    My friend and I went to the movies and swore, and this chick just turns around and is like “EXCUSE ME! There are children present!” Bitch.

  9. keitterman says:

    Translation: there is no way to prevent this person from cursing like a sailor around your kid

  10. IglooWasMyOriginalInternetHandleBeforeYouWereBorn says:

    I get what your fucking saying. But for fuck sakes, you don’t start fucking swearing in front of a fucking person you don’t fucking know.

  11. ApawcalypseMeow says:

    My keyboard is in french and it is fucking all of my things up.

  12. crz1 says:

    I agree with you.

  13. crz1 says:

    pretty immature and not the least bit cool

  14. CoyoteSabre says:

    Intelligence? No. But ability to apply that intelligence to practical world problems? Yes.

  15. followthespiders says:

    everyone has fetishes, I guess

  16. ApawcalypseMeow says:

    I just said they use it as a weapon to BE disrespectful. They don’t often understand how to use it casually like adults do

  17. rehcamretsnef says:

    Id be like. “bitch, my grandpa died in WWII for my freedom to say “fuck you””

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