15 responses to “LET ME OUT!”

  1. gaidinbdj says:


  2. Novle says:

    Banished into the Phantom Zone for attempted overthrow of Krypton?

  3. Andricus says:

    60% of the time, the glass case works every time.

  4. PolarHailStorm says:

    If this were a collectible in the official Ron Burgundy game for PC, I would absolutely get the achievement for collecting them all.

  5. JesusWasEnglish says:

    Out of my way, I need to do the news!

  6. thelastpotatobender says:

    I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

  7. YeahWellUknowThatsjustLikeUrOpinionMan says:

    I…don’t know what to do with this.

  8. LongCutMintFlavoredSkoal says:

    “The Bad Man Punted Baxter”

  9. honkaholic says:

    I heard that this gif attracts bears, they can smell the rotation.

  10. LynseyCulpepper4 says:

    woww this is a amazing image !!

  11. leonis89 says:

    by the beard of Zod

  12. 321Guesswho says:


  13. SindyStamps11 says:

    Out of my way, I need to do the news!

  14. SheAlumba246 says:

    Imgur is a glass case of emotion (sometimes).

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