Award Winning Cookies (With Recipes) Part 3

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20 responses to “Award Winning Cookies (With Recipes) Part 3”

  1. picklesmcboots says:

    I’m curious as to who was giving out the awards.

  2. leaches says:

    Soooo prettyyyy…

  3. OlennaRedwyne says:

    I read each name out loud and made awkward noises after

  4. potatoslayer says:

    *Heart winning cookies

  5. canes21 says:

    The cookies look so amazingly delicious that I would do anything to have them. ANYTHING.

  6. CaesarAugustus says:


  7. TheMaddestMarchHare says:

    Hello diabeetus my old friend. I’ve come to eat with you again. Because I just cannot stop eating. I stuff my face while I am weeping.

  8. cholw says:

    and now i’m fatter

  9. liarliar says:

    Well earlier today I was on a diet… OP, y u do dis?

  10. EosJRB says:

    I’m really tired of getting hungry right after i ate..

  11. NobodyEverUsesScrollLock says:

    I got diabetes by just watching your posts.

  12. Whipcrackincheddar says:

    I don’t like cookies

  13. notthekingofsweden says:

    I’ll show my gf this page… not cuase she’s a girl just, because I can’t even cook ramen :(

  14. TacoBelle says:

    Hnnnnnng. Stahp. You’re giving me diabetes from all those beautiful cookie pics. Where can i buy them? Can you come over and bake them?

  15. icehockey101 says:

    step one know how to cook

  16. boom9ify says:

    Fuck it let’s get diabetes

  17. ICouldDoThat says:

    I could do that.

  18. Chowder138 says:

    It’s a shitty comment anyway.

  19. HecklerandK0 says:


  20. WellButterMyButtAndCallMeABiscuit says:

    Dude, seriously, stop. I’m pretty sure you’re just being a total karma whore now.

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