Don't blame the people, blame the media, but this is sadly true.


14 responses to “Don't blame the people, blame the media, but this is sadly true.”

  1. SomeObscureReference says:

    You’re over-exaggerating how little we would have without Dennis Ritchie. The man did a lot, but a lot of this would have come eventually.

  2. gilsuhwan says:

    TIL people think Apple has something to do with the creation of Windows, UNIX, and C/(+/++/#)

  3. swhertzberg says:

    How was Jobs a hipster?

  4. Jabuscus says:

    And Windows was a copy of the original Macintosh system

  5. NotMarkZuckerberg says:

    Say what you will about Jobs but there is a reason he was remembered

  6. danzafan37 says:

    I hate Jobs (like with a passion) but his intelligence around product design and UI really are important to how we interact with computers

  7. w0rtrod says:

    (1/?) Because when the XEROX Parc invented it, no one tought it was useful, Also, without him Woz would never had finished the Apple I

  8. rebarter says:

    You’re comparing a genius marketer and salesman with a programmer.

  9. KillingTheJoke says:

    My neighbor works for the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation under Bill directly. Says Bill is a complete asshole.

  10. stormwatch says:

    No, Gates first stole from Gary Kildall. Later, he stole something from Xerox and stapled it on top of what he stole from Kildall.

  11. SomeObscureReference says:

    I am being downvoted because people did not like what I said, not because it was untrue. Never mistake the difference.

  12. LostMyFunnyBone says:

    Yeah, it’s great when apple borrows technology to help create something wonderful…but now they’re trying to hog the tech they took..

  13. SlightlyNormal says:

    Easy to say when you have some basic logic, yes.

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