Oh I'm sorry, were you doing something important?


19 responses to “Oh I'm sorry, were you doing something important?”

  1. torinjames says:

    Also what I do when I see two people happy in a relationship.

  2. Nathanfake says:

    do women actually like pink shirts on men/

  3. FacelessVoid says:


  4. ineedausernamerightmeow says:

    SH….. i need quiet while i poop.

  5. featheredmonkey says:

    TIL ‘SH’ stands for Shit Happens!

  6. AFWolf2012 says:

    I’m sorry, were you trying to take a cute picture?

  7. JCrashB says:

    Dat ass(es).

  8. magikarpkarpkarp says:

    Photo Dumping

  9. GrammarPolice5150 says:

    Nice shot, Stewart.

  10. IknewItWasYourFredo says:

    The shit is coming, Fall is coming, and they are about to be coming too.

  11. Baelfire says:

    Love in a nutshell.

  12. MachineGunEtiquette says:

    This image is about to get steamy.

  13. yesmynameiscatlikeacat says:

    I do if he’s got the confidence to pull it off.

  14. vaginafax says:

    Glad zoom exists.

  15. politisaur says:

    call of the wild

  16. zombiemcfly says:

    hey when you gotta go, you gotta go LOL

  17. SonnyWho1972 says:

    No one pays attention to omens anymore

  18. Doodad says:

    A tender moment. Soft, and tender, and a bit smelly.

  19. dpatrick1a says:

    I upvote anything that has to do with pooing.

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