I heard you guys like C&H

14 responses to “I heard you guys like C&H”

  1. jesusbutt says:

    yes, yes we do.

  2. KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler says:

    The last frame is the best.

  3. DeeAre says:

    It’s neat how much better het got at drawing stick figures over the years

  4. Lamp says:

    Best. Character. Ever.

  5. theoldlickaroo says:

    Purple shirtception.

  6. bemclicknet says:

    This could be a scary movie… Oh wait, it is. (I actually don’t know… Is it a scary movie?)

  7. 88mixy says:

    He was a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater… In disguise

  8. Horibukkur says:

    PURPLE-SHIRTED EYE-STABBER! He’s my favourite 😀

  9. alphabitter says:

    I guess they kept an eye out for him.

  10. DeeAre says:

    I meant to say “he” because I believe those were all drawn by Rob. But I somehow typoed “he”.

  11. Jasper420 says:

    Someone needs to compile the “You got ___ on your WHAT?” guy and the old man turned into a seagull ones.

  12. jore00001 says:

    Cyanide and Happiness, the second favourite C&H ever!

  13. matthewschweitzer says:

    hahahahaha indeed

  14. austindoesstuff says:

    Need moar!

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