30 Surprise-Inside Cakes

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8 responses to “30 Surprise-Inside Cakes”

  1. onthursdaysiamateddybeardoctor says:

    10/10 would eat all of them

  2. MrPompaztic361 says:

    As a dude, I would probably end making this for that one girl who would just tell all her friends how dumb and gay it really was.

  3. liberatedbathing says:

    Wow who’s the dick downvoting all the nice comments?

  4. Bowserbowsingtons says:

    Please don’t be a lie. Please don’t be a lie. Please don’t be a lie.

  5. Elliott13 says:

    Looking forward to the IRL version.

  6. grainfreeguru says:

    THAT’S how you make a checkerboard cake! http://imgur.com/b5PRRf7

  7. liberatedbathing says:

    :'( let’s stick it to the bastard!!

  8. tonightisanightfordrinking says:

    That owl face cake looks a whole lot like Jake the dog from Adventure Time before getting cooked.

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