Getting laid tonight


15 responses to “Getting laid tonight”

  1. 39AndAHalfFootPole says:

    I am 150% done with this website.

  2. malthore says:

    At the ER later “yeah, dick frostbite cases are waaaay up this year”.

  3. oxymorin says:

    Can we try and make this get to the front page just because?

  4. CandelJack says:

    Son, I’m so disappointed.

  5. Floki says:

    Why are there Ice Cubes…

  6. cvsprinterfilms says:

    Because he wants to pretend to smash the Ice Queen’s beans.

  7. malthore says:

    To simulate a cold vaj like elsa might theoretically have being an Ice Queen.

  8. SquirrelNUTS1 says:

    The cold never bothered me anyway.

  9. Coppermantis says:


  10. ThePastmaster says:

    Because Frozen.

  11. randomweirdness says:

    clearly you haven’t been on the internet all that long then

  12. factuallytruepoliticallyincorrect says:

    please LNI, we have to make the most viral crowd wake up to this

  13. factuallytruepoliticallyincorrect says:

    I have so many questions that I’m not going to ask for the sake of my mental sanity

  14. Ryder556 says:

    Is that Kassem G?

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