Stop the abuse!


10 responses to “Stop the abuse!”

  1. SquintsPalledorous says:

    Oh Dad, you’re so funny!

  2. ahhyeahalex says:

    PTFO, Dad.

  3. Stroodle says:

    I don’t want hay getting uppity. Someone needs to do it

  4. Luggie says:

    “In thee aaaarrms of an angel”

  5. alrightsurewhatever says:

    Showed this to my dad. He just said “it’s right, you know” and walked away.

  6. usernametakentryagain says:

    Hay man calm down

  7. howmanyuserscouldausernamenameifausernamecouldnameusers says:


  8. spykez says:

    Did he give it…a haymaker…HUEHUEHUEHUE

  9. YoungZeeezy says:

    I know it sounds crazy, but it hurts so bad.

  10. Stroodle says:

    These puns are truly haynous

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