Not sure what to thinkj of this. (Friends dad)

20 responses to “Not sure what to thinkj of this. (Friends dad)”

  1. lookingatstuff says:

    Classic Dad.

  2. meril013 says:

    I wish he would have ended this with just saying “lightly fried fish” I was a little let down when it didn’t happen…

  3. IDidntKnowWhatBadonkadonkMeantSoIGoogleImagedItImNotEvenSorry says:

    Say it one more time mother fucker, one more time!I dare you! I double dare you!

  4. Zoneudye says:

    this sounds like something my dad would do

  5. chriz says:

    what she order…?

  6. kek888 says:

    the big question, what kind of lightly fried fish fillets?

  7. MitchellKweli says:

    The fish isn’t the only thing that’s lightly fried. HUEHUEHUE

  8. Rockin says:

    Classic Dad :)

  9. Ozair2k says:

    It’s fake tho.

  10. geeksneedlovetoo says:

    Getting real tired of your shit Dad.

  11. JonStewart says:

    I want some lightly fried fish fillets.. :(

  12. thisiswhyihavenofriends says:

    I don’t thinkj much of lightly fried fish fillets, personally.

  13. splizzle says:

    that level of specificity only comes from a cannabis enduced food craving…. or pregnancy of course

  14. jamilamay says:

    Hahahaha. This is something my mom would do

  15. ItsSoFlufffy says:

    I read dad’s texts in the voice of Bruce from Family Guy

  16. nolanbautista says:

    My Dad types LF3 to save time..

  17. johnnynothumbs says:

    The day I learned my Dad smokes weed.

  18. TheCapt says:

    I would have been down at the first mention of LIGHTLY FRIED FISH FILLETS!

  19. Supernerdtastic says:

    Seriously? Reference is in the pic itself man.

  20. Y0tsuba says:


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