Saw this today. Sadly I can relate. (OC)

10 responses to “Saw this today. Sadly I can relate. (OC)”

  1. KRoLLIN says:

    Who needs hopes and dreams anyways?

  2. JOEBOBBYSUE says:

    i usually drop them and see some one else grab them and go

  3. Bigred15 says:

    So I guess you could say…you dropped the ball on life?

  4. jeffbob says:

    Or my self esteem…

  5. chhdude says:

    well damn.

  6. youmaynotpowerfucktheoctopus says:

    If you can’t reach it, you don’t need it. That applies here right?

  7. BigHair10 says:

    my pants.

  8. sadpandas says:

    i pick up socks with my toes, rather than bending over for them

  9. iFARTEDonAkittensHEAD808 says:

    Or my homework….

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