Well it's true


17 responses to “Well it's true”

  1. HowDoiReachTheseKeeeeedz says:

    *Snorts* Tell that to my beer-gut.

  2. ragglebob says:

    Pokemon Yellow? Filthy casual.

  3. Rotbeard says:

    Oooh, a Pokémon post not related to TPP. It’s rare like a shiny.

  4. 335580429 says:

    If he was really a Pokemon trainer his hat would be backwards

  5. SuperCraftMan says:

    I thought he was Australian for a second looking at the 2013 picture.

  6. felofilipino says:

    But their voices change

  7. Gjhallarhorn says:

    What a pleasant place Imgur has become, everyone downvotes everyone else just to get top comment…

  8. Beestonian says:

    Ash should be 24 years old now… heeyyyyy

  9. Gjhallarhorn says:

    Thank you, kind sir.

  10. ElGatoGordo says:

    I mean only if he was about to throw a pokeball

  11. mikr says:

    the lime green GBC ♥

  12. captbloodface says:

    And the cartridge is green.

  13. Team1323Andrew says:

    And his rattata is still in the top percentage of rattata.

  14. mypunsmakenosense says:

    Only during battles.

  15. HowDoiReachTheseKeeeeedz says:

    You’re welcome. It’s insane watching these votes…

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