Who Ya Gonna Call?

19 responses to “Who Ya Gonna Call?”

  1. welltheysay says:

    Don’t cross the bullets

  2. esid says:

    Damn straight.

  3. Magnivore says:

    Reverse racism?

  4. winnieruth says:

    those guys in the back are probably having a hard time seeing through the eye holes.

  5. jrg48 says:

    t-t-t-time to leave…

  6. IntMainVoid says:

    ؟ It’s my favourite punctuation other than Interrobang

  7. A5QVa3 says:

    “Hey! Where are all the white women at?”

  8. EyeEatBayBees says:

    why is it just the black ghost buster? I’m white and i want to help.

  9. Abso says:

    Huh, that shows up for me. Wonder what they used in the wikipedia article, then. Do you happen to know the alt-code for that?

  10. utgort says:

    Sure go ahead and threaten the Nazareno priests wearing capirotes.

  11. DustyBozangas says:

    I appreciate the absence of “Finger off the trigger!” killjoys.

  12. TechnicolorFerret says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s still just racism.

  13. IntMainVoid says:

    I do not. “It can also be represented by the similar Arabic question mark U+061F (؟).” As per a website I found, that’s the Unicode.

  14. Theyhaveallbeentaken says:

    Whoa! Those were the ghosts they were hunting? I need to watch that movie again

  15. snakeskin1982 says:

    Ahhhh! That’s my friend Phil!

  16. kidcrusader says:

    As a ghost, I find this offensive and insensitive. Sincerely, Ghosty McGhost.

  17. SkrubZero says:

    So it’s ok to murder people you don’t agree with? Stalin agreed with you!

  18. Drunkguyshane says:

    Uncle Tom?

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