I love a good storm.

10 responses to “I love a good storm.”

  1. ladindapub says:

    its straw dumbass

  2. BChute says:

    A pissed off farmer in 3…2..1..

  3. BChute says:

    A pissed of farmer in 3…2…1…

  4. kyya says:

    If I saw this, I would go as quickly as possible in the other direction…o.o

  5. pun4yourlife says:

    A v ^ A v ^

  6. sowetoninja says:

    My favorite part of nature.

  7. TheDear says:

    “But I always liked a good storm. I’m always good for a storm”

  8. stormchaser101 says:

    I do some freelance stuff, I’m not affiliated with any organization, but I love to go and see the power of Mother Nature

  9. Imverypunny says:

    I hope it doesn’t blow all that straw away. That looks like some good straw. I hope it doesn’t get blown away though.

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