Lilo and Stitch

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18 responses to “Lilo and Stitch”

  1. Phallus says:

    She’s a cartoon, and she’s like what, ten years old? The Disney fetish on Imgur is getting incredibly creepy.

  2. rawpotato says:

    does that first gif say “..and anything come up with you..” or “and anything you come up with..”? i really can’t tell.

  3. SandPocket says:

    I just bit her… and pulled her hair

  4. Phallus says:

    That every other image on here is something to do with Disney, or Harry Potter, or any other number of things that obviously comprised (1)

  5. Phallus says:

    the majority of these young adult’s childhood. It’s like they’re traumatized with some sort of Disney syndrome. It’s sad, and creepy. (2)

  6. acinonyxjubatus says:


  7. muppetlyfe says:

    Pretty sure Stitch is my spirit animal.

  8. batarnak says:

    A good friend will help you move. A best friend will help you move a body.

  9. allfather2233 says:

    haha I like the one with her little fist

  10. Phallus says:

    Adults saying “that is my kind of girl” about a cartoon child on the internet, how could my mind possibly jump that?

  11. Idontupvotecats says:

    Anyone else wonder what Lilo looks like now? Eh? Just me then?…….

  12. kaburks says:

    A good friend will elp you move, a BEST friend will help you move a body.

  13. Doodle210 says:

    Sucks she went to college and had to take care of Nani when she got pregnant, then didn’t have enough time to spend with Stitch so he left.

  14. Phallus says:

    Why, because you saw a gore video once or something?

  15. AlastarNightbane says:

    You think you’re smart, but that made no sense.

  16. Thachinatown says:

    then grow some balls and find yourself a fine broad ;D

  17. Thachinatown says:

    physical pain that is non hospitalizing is always the solution to a stupid argument, fuck the physiological attacks

  18. paulec252 says:

    For too long you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience.

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