Dangers of time travel

15 responses to “Dangers of time travel”

  1. Moonkey says:

    Little weirdo deserved it.

  2. pru555 says:

    i wish i could time travel so i could go back and prevent this from being reposted

  3. minimus says:

    Dane Cook did it

  4. Silenceisbliss says:

    Now he’s just somebody they were going to know.

  5. chemistrydoc says:

    I guess he prematurely congratulated?

  6. minimus says:

    I didn’t get it until you came along.

  7. onlywayeyeknowhow says:

    Same matter can’t occupy same space.

  8. TheGreatMizuti says:

    FALSE. For reverse time travel to be possible there would need to be multiple dimensions of time. i.e. parallel universes.

  9. skch says:

    Bad Luck Brian’s cousin…

  10. Vantia says:

    Perhaps not everybody has seen it?

  11. shibsterrr says:

    Why would you wanna watch your parents get-it-on anyway? SHAME ON YOU JACK

  12. WhatMysticalFuckeryIsThis says:

    Oh, you!

  13. evilkniamhel says:

    Aye but if he never existed then he would never have gone back to stop himself from being conceived. Time paradoxes!

  14. thelovelyCatDaddy says:

    I do agree with your username of choice.

  15. JustExactlyHowLongCanAUserNameBeThisHasGotToBeAWorldRecordLol says:

    ᴼʰᴺᵒ :(

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