Mushrooms are so perfect for little fairy gardens!


18 responses to “Mushrooms are so perfect for little fairy gardens!”

  1. Konoton says:

    Homosexual* gardens.


    Put them…put them in your mouth

  3. CloudMacGrath says:


  4. SmashingChap says:

    Do many sprouting mushroom grow where ferns grow?

  5. hotstuffburns says:

    Ferngully looks great in HD.

  6. Disva says:

    I don’t think I’m high enough to count the faries

  7. Euphio says:


  8. ryandf2001 says:

    Much Relevant right now if you know what I mean

  9. InaccurateSpoilers says:

    Dem fronds

  10. FartSimpson says:

    Pinterest Tip- Nowhere to put the fairies that relentlessly enchant you? Use those mushrooms you have lying around the house!

  11. TheGrandProfessor says:

    This is literally a picture out of my biology textbook

  12. ILoveBabyBats says:

    This image is the ideal of every young hipster girl.

  13. WoTLert says:

    Needs moar zoom

  14. BrownAragorn says:

    Not just shrooms, all drugs are perfect for little fairy gardens

  15. max22888 says:

    I guess you can use this quote if you want. He did say he had the occasional acid flashback.

  16. TheiSuck5 says:

    Or sit on a couch ripping your hair out for hours on end.

  17. Thistles says:

    I adore mushrooms!

  18. JonasWalker says:

    Never considered that honestly given all the issues we’ve had growing anything else in our apartment.

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