“You're impossible to buy for, you never want anything.”


8 responses to ““You're impossible to buy for, you never want anything.””

  1. CanadianMexican says:

    Click previous for the robot dog.

  2. schemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemenemen says:

    Just go here. http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/

  3. piggypiglet says:

    Bark busters. I want bark busters. You know, for Valentine’s n stuff.. *hopeful face*

  4. 2Grenades1Strax says:

    *Bane dog

  5. gingertrain says:

    It’s quickly getting that way.

  6. typingtreemonkey says:

    It would be so condescending and midely useful. Omg.

  7. Zanmor says:

    I know, my joke was just that you could be foreign and still speak English from birth. I was being facetious, I get you’re meaning.

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