I love a good looking mug shot!!!

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12 responses to “I love a good looking mug shot!!!”

  1. iALWAYSdownvoteRHM says:

    My kinda girl. Oddly enough i may have already been hit with a field hockey stick by a previous ex.

  2. bob3rt says:

    Woman looks like my sort of hot and crazy!

  3. ThereIsNowALevelZero says:

    she did the right thing

  4. Mcflyvol says:

    I’d let her beat me with a golf club if you know what I mean

  5. dickpuns says:

    So, she’s single?

  6. TexasBaconMan says:

    Nick Nolte taught us an important life lesson.

  7. SlightlyNormal says:

    That picture seems to have been all over the internet, kinda hard to find original source anymore.

  8. TomBradyPeesSittingDown says:

    How do people not already know that women are usually way worse…I should probably just stop right there.

  9. DontLoseYourWay says:

    Yeah like when a man has a bad day at work he comes home and beats his wife. A women drowns her kids. Both are BAD, but one is CRAZY.

  10. DangerDaneDK says:

    I mean the jerk was cheating on her, so I can sorta understand the “clubbing” 😛

  11. jklolwat says:

    You know what, good for her!

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